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Love Spells is now on your radio

I want to thank all of you for the support and motivation, inspiring words that kept me going and left me with a belief at this point. I’ve been an even more success with the release of my single “Love Spells” on iTunes and Youtube. My single is now being programmed into mainstream radio in North Carolina, South Carolina and El Paso, Texas. I need you to keep it on the air, request me at the stations below and I will send you an exclusive G/O (Gio) wristband, bag and poster all for free. Just email a snapshot to gio@itsgiovannie.com.

OR CALL (915)541-1043

My latest single Love Spells #itsyagirl



Download Via Site [Paypal/Credit Cards]
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Haiti Charity Event

Spectacular fun a couple weeks ago with some of the most successful haitian men and women. Here’s some flix with the recaps.



My new inspirational song for all

Don’t Stop Reaching For The Stars!

Beyond the skies, you can reach!

- My new inspirational video for all reaching for the stars fym itsgiovannie gio beyond holidays- 

Giving To The Less for the Better

I recently partnered with YTC to give food to the less fortunate at Catholic Family Holy Church in Canarsie, Brooklyn. It was a great experience which have taken “Feed Your Mind” to another dimension. I was able to help many families affected by the recent Sandy storm, the homeless and orphans. Throughout the month of December, Feed Your Mind along with YTC has worked with the Red Cross, Canarsie’s councilmen to conduct coat and toy drives in the area.