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Giovannie Pierre-Louis, prostate known professionally as Gio, is a strong survivor of life’s challenges, like many of her Haitian countrymen. Gio was born in Brooklyn to an Italian mother who could not embrace her bi-racial children and a Haitian drug kingpin father, ed exiled when she was 2. After being kicked out of school for behavioral outbursts, Gio was sent to Haiti to live with her Father. In Haiti, she learned how to appreciate the smaller things in life and discovered her love of music.

Gio has been involved with music as long as she can remember. Her early musical aptitude is not surprising when one considers the musical backgrounds of her family: her father was a producer and sound engineer, recipe and her uncle played the Guitar/Bass and Piano in the Kompa group ZORO. Gio’s musical development is influenced by the music of Haiti, which is a combination of European music derived primarily from the French and by the Spanish-infused influence of Cuba and the bordering Dominican Republic and African migration through slavery. After returning to the United States, Gio’s younger sister Cassandra, was killed in a fire at the age of 15. For years, she struggled with grief, self-hatred and began battling with her weight. Gio found herself very lonely and went into a deep depression.

But in 2010, after the destructive earthquakes in her home country Haiti, Gio inherited the music studio that her family had been running for years. She discovered a new passion for life! She found a new love for music. Gio continued her studies as an undergraduate at Stonybrook University with a degree in Premed and Respiratory Care while beginning to write and produce her own music. Gio knows that, with God on her side, anything is possible for her to achieve her goals and make her dreams come true. “I had a troubled childhood,” she states. “I draw a lot of my emotions and ideas from my journey and I want my audience to connect from that experience, I am just going for mine to the extreme!”

Gio wants her music to be heard around the world to promote Haiti and to also continue her sister Cassandra’s creative musical legacy. Gio’s music’s universal edge bridges many gaps. It ranges from Neo-Soul, to Jazz, to R&B and Hip-Hop – but there’s no limit to the sounds Gio is bringing forth as she draws inspiration from her life’s lessons and